Production Process

In the early age, bronze was one of the most innovative alloys of mankind. Tools, weapon, coins and various materials made of bronze were harder and more durable than stone and some soft material. With its hard nature, now Bronze is widely use for artistic representations. The “Lost Wax Method” is widely applied in artisan skillfully, to transform the artist’s vision into Bronze.

Production process starts from creating an original work of art to be cast. All pieces must have mold made from rubber material spraid over the original work for a perfect imprint of the original piece, and becomes the “mother mold”. Wax is the next step, and it is poured into the mother mold. Once the wax is dried, it shows a perfect piece of the original image. The wax copy is ready, and we can make many pieces of Bronze products. Molten bronze reaches very high temperatures, and pouring bronze into the wax copy, is a major step in the “Lost Wax Process”. As soon as Bronze has returned to its solid state, we need to cut, to join, and to cast them into a nice piece of bronze. Usually they are assembled and welded together in to a perfect piece. Finally, Patina is a last step to make each piece its distinctive color. Patina is applied onto the hot bronze surface in order to seal the color and give the work a luster. Now, we can have a manifest and marvelous piece of bronze product.